Incredible Diuretic Power of Tea: Why Does Tea Make You Pee?

Do you pee a lot after drinking tea?

When you drink any liquid, including tea, you have to pee. But what are the reasons and the science behind this phenomenon? Why does tea make you pee more often?

As per Mayo Clinic, besides health-related issues, tea, and some foods may irritate the bladder and make you pee more often. Many teas contain diuretic compounds that irritate the bladder, and fast metabolism may make you urinate more.

Please keep reading to find out what it is about tea that makes you pee frequently.

Why Does Tea Make You Pee

Why Does Tea Make You Pee?

Due to the presence of caffeine, tea has got a diuretic effect on the bladder. It is the main reason to pee more often after drinking tea. But then you might be thinking if tea might dehydrate you.

The main ingredient in tea is water, so you hydrate your body by drinking tea. Comparatively, you expel less than what you consume through tea. The increased intake of water, the main ingredient of tea, is another reason to answer the question, “Why does tea make you pee.”

Why Does Tea Make You Pee

Do All Liquids Make You Pee?

As discussed, the most apparent reason you urinate more often after drinking tea is that it is a liquid. When the bladder gets full after, the body’s natural excretory system makes you feel to excrete it. Your brain gets the message to empty the bladder and you need to pee. When you sweat more, your bladder may not get full fast, so the chances of peeing reduce.

However, if you do not urinate after drinking tea, that could be a reason for dehydration. It indicates that liquid is not filling the bladder, and your body needs more to hydrate and pass the rest to the bladder.

Why Does Tea Make You Pee

How Many Times Should You Pee?

The frequency of your pee is one of the indicators of your health status and well-being. Peeing more often or not peeing enough signals that something needs to be corrected.

Although there is no defined number of times you should pee in a day, a healthy adult should pee around seven to eight times a day, according to Kara Watts, MD. Your physical activities and the amount of liquid intake matter greatly in urination frequency.

Factors That Affect How Often You Pee

Some of the significant factors that affect the frequency of urination are:

1)    Liquid Intake

The fluid you consume is the primary reason for determining how much liquid will come out. If you drink water daily, you will pee more often than someone who drinks comparatively less. In such a scenario, you should not worry about any health issues.

However, if you’re not urinating more often after drinking more water, this is a signal that you need to drink more water to hydrate the body.

2)    Consuming Specific Foods and Beverages

Some foods and beverages in your diet, like tea, coffee, soda, and alcohol, increase urine production. Besides these liquids, eating spicy foods and acidic fruits can also make you pee frequently.

You may reduce the consumption of these foods and drinks if your frequent urination disturbs your work schedule.

3)    Your Physical Activities

How physically you are active will also impact how often you pee. People, who exercise more, normally do not pee more often.

4)    Bladder Irritating Foods

Certain foods and drinks, including tea, contain ingredients that irritate the bladder. Tea often contains caffeine and certain diuretics, increasing your washroom visits. Some of the foods that irritate the bladder are:

You may cut these bladder irritants from your diet if you pee more frequently.

How does drinking tea increase urination?

Caffeine in tea sends a signal to the pituitary gland, which stops the production of the ADH hormone. It is a signal to the kidneys to stop the water absorption. The body’s water must then be eliminated in different ways. The bladder absorbs the water and experiences fullness hence the need to empty it, making you pee.

Tea- As a Natural Diuretic

The presence of caffeine in tea is the main ingredient that is responsible for excess peeing. It is an excellent diuretic that stimulates the feeling of peeing more often.

Why Does Tea Make You Pee

Teas That Make You Pee More?

We have seen now that caffeine is the main culprit that triggers the urge to pee. Therefore, the teas that have more caffeine content are the ones that are responsible for sending you to pee the most.

Here are the teas that have higher caffeine content and will make you pee more:

a.     Matcha Tea

Matcha is a powdered green tea with the highest amount of caffeine. Matcha processing and brewing methods are the primary reasons for its caffeine content.

Matcha is tasty, stronger, and completely different from other teas. A few matcha tea bowls will send you to the bathroom more often than other teas.

b.    Black Tea

Black teas also have a higher content of caffeine. It is important to note that the amount of caffeine in tea is not related to the type but depends on the age of the leaves, the growing conditions, etc. Black tea has more caffeine as it gets brewed longer.

c.      Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh teas are steeped for longer than black tea. It results in more caffeine in the cup. It has up to 100 mg of caffeine, thus making you pee frequently.

d.     Green Tea

Green teas don’t have much caffeine, but the shaded green leaves can have much caffeine. The extra shading makes them produce more caffeine, like matcha tea.

Why Does Tea Make You Pee

Other Causes of Frequent Urination

Besides drinking tea, there may be other causes of increased urination. Some of these causes of frequent urination may sometimes signal a serious health problem. Some of the health conditions that may be caused by excessive urination include:

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, urine output above 2.5 liters per day is excess urination. However, the volume varies as per the liquid you drink each day.

Conclusion About Why Does Tea Make You Pee

Peeing a lot is a good signal of your hydration levels. Tea increases your urination due to the increased consumption of liquid. It is not like diuretics that can leave you dehydrated. The factors discussed must have solved your question: Why does tea make you pee?


Can tea cause urinary problems?

The tea itself cannot cause urinary problems. Still, some types of tea, which are usually high in caffeine or teas with irritants like oxalates, may worsen existing urinary issues.

Can tea make your pee dark?

Pigment in some types of tea, like black or herbal tea, can make your urine appear darker. However, if you notice significant changes in urine color, consult a healthcare professional.

Does tea affect urine flow?

Some caffeine-containing tea, such as black tea, may act as a mild diuretic, increasing urine production temporarily. It can lead to frequent urination but is not a cause for concern. It’s essential to stay hydrated and maintain a balanced fluid intake.


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