Peace Tea-Refreshing and Flavorful Iced Tea

Iced teas are versatile, as you can make them in various ways. You can use ingredients of your choice, tea, sweetener, or flavoring agents. When Coca-Cola launched Peace tea, it aimed to provide drinkers with the benefits of iced tea and spread the message of peace; what a noble idea.

The versatility of iced teas means there is an iced tea to suit any taste preference. In this blog, we shall learn more about Peace tea, its health benefits, caffeine content, and flavors.

What is Peace Tea?

The refreshing and flavorful Peace Tea is a brand of iced tea. It was produced by the Coca-Cola Company in 2001 and has become a favorite beverage among many. The company introduced it to spread awareness of peace by drinking tea. Peace tea contains natural ingredients and has gained popularity due to its unique flavors and delectable taste.

The tea is available in peach, lemon, sweet, raspberry, and green flavors. The gluten-free, non-GMO tea brand is vegan-friendly and contains no preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors.

The tea brand is committed to giving back and sustainability. Coca-Cola donates five cents for every Peace Tea case purchased to the UN World Food Program (WFP) school feeding program. WFP provides food for hungry children in over 80 countries. 

The tea bottles are eco-friendly as they are 100% recyclable, and their labels are printed with vegetable-based inks.

Peace Tea

Peace Tea Flavors

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Peace Tea is its unique flavors. This refreshing tea is available in eight delicious flavors, which are: 

Flavors like Strawberry Lemon Love and Cheeky Cherry are also available in Canada. Flavors like Peach Party, Greenest Of All Teas, and Mango Mood are originally American flavors sold in Canada under different names.

Health Benefits of drinking Peace Tea

The tea is not only a refreshing and flavorful beverage, but it also provides various health benefits. Some of the health benefits are:

Finally, Peace Tea is an excellent beverage to relax and unwind after a tiring work schedule.

Does Peace Tea Have Caffeine?

Most tea drinkers want to know whether the tea contains caffeine. People sensitive to higher caffeine content continually monitor the caffeine levels in their beverages.

It contains caffeine, almost the same as in a cup of coffee. Each 23 fl oz. serving to provide 23mg of caffeine, but this could vary a bit for different flavors. Tea flavor peach tea has only 8.5mg of caffeine in each 15.5 fl oz serving. 

If you are sensitive to caffeine, Peace Tea has caffeine-free herbal teas, like Five Flower Honeybush Tea and Spearmint Herbal Tea. These are also great warm beverages before bedtime. Please take a look at the table for caffeine content in different peace tea varieties.

Caffeine in Peace Tea Varieties

Name of variety (23 fl oz.) Caffeine Content
Caddy Shack 23mg
Green Tea 23mg
Sweet Lemon 23 mg
Razzleberry 23mg
Just Peachy 23mg
Sno-Berry 13mg
Pineapple Groove Zer-Oh Sugar 30mg
Hello Mango 32mg

Ingredients of Peace Tea

The following ingredients are present in the tea:

1)    Acesulfame Potassium

It is similar to sucralose and used as a sweetener in some varieties.  

2)    Fructose (Cane Sugar)

The company uses either cane sugar or fructose, the natural source of sweetness, to sweeten the drinks. They also help balance the flavors of the tea.

3)    Natural Flavors

Natural flavors derived from natural sources create unique and delicious tastes. These flavors are free from artificial additives.

4)    Sucralose

The non-caloric sweetener sucralose is used in some varieties. It doesn’t add calories, thus making peach tea a popular choice for health-conscious tea drinkers.

5)    Citric acid

Citric acid adds a slightly tangy flavor to peach tea and also enhances the natural taste of the tea.

6)    Pectin

Pectin is a plant-based thickening agent used in some older varieties.

Peace Tea

Does Peace Tea Help to Stay Awake?

It is made with natural ingredients and no artificial ingredients or added sugar. The blend of these ingredients helps boost energy and enhances mental alertness. It allows you to stay awake and work or study for long hours.

The tea gives you the power to stay alert, and the natural ingredients and oxidants also help strengthen the immune system. The tea is an excellent option to relax, reduce stress, and improve overall mood to help you work efficiently.

Peace Tea vs. Coffee and Tea?

Unlike many traditional beverages, peace tea has a unique flavor profile. Moreover, it also provides various advantages, which are enlisted here:

Peace tea is a delicious and healthy alternative to your morning tea or coffee. It will t keep you alert and energized. Moreover, it has many health benefits, making it a better option than drinking coffee or tea.

Peace Tea in Anxiety and Depression

With a unique blend of herbs, this tea is believed to help reduce stress and anxiety. It provides vitamins and minerals also and improves overall well-being. Besides energizing and nourishing, the natural ingredients have a calming effect that reduces anxiety and improves sleep quality.

Although documents studies are required to ascertain the facts, it is believed peach tea balances the hormones to reduce stress and anxiety and support emotional well-being.

It is not a replacement for medical treatment, and one must seek advice from medical professionals. However, people have reported that drinking peace tea relieves stress and helps deal with mental issues. However, the effects of peace tea can vary from individual to individual depending on many other factors. Still, one should always consult a healthcare professional if the tea suits you.

Draw Backs and Side Effects of Peace Tea

It is important to note that each individual can have different experiences and reactions to herbal teas. Some may experience health improvements without experiencing any side effects, while others may develop minor side effects with the tea.

Some people have reported issues like dizziness, headache, and nausea with peace tea, but it is generally tolerated very well without any adverse effects.

Further, if you are already on medication, consult your doctor before considering peace tea. It can interact with certain medications.

Some flavors contain more sugar, so you must check the sugar levels to match your requirement when choosing peach tea.

How to Make Peace Tea?

Here are steps that will help you to prepare a flavorful and soothing peace tea.

Tea Blend:

You can serve it hot or cold or over ice if desired. Garnish with additional peach slices for an extra splash of color if required.


Does peace tea have caffeine?

Yes, Peace Tea contains caffeine, but the content can vary from flavor to flavor and as per the size of the beverage. It is better to check the label to determine the exact caffeine content of the particular Peace Tea flavor.

Is peace tea an energy drink?

Peace Tea doesn’t fall into the energy drink category but comes in the line of flavored iced teas. The Peace Tea Company produces it. Although peace tea contains caffeine, it is not marketed as an energy drink. It has no additional energy-enhancing ingredients like taurine or guarana. These ingredients are commonly found in traditional energy drinks. Peace Tea is promoted as a refreshing beverage option.

How much caffeine is in peace tea?

An 18.5 fl oz (547 ml) can of Peace Tea contains around 70-80 milligrams of caffeine. However, this amount can vary depending on the flavor and size of the can.

Is peace tea good for you?

Peace Tea contains antioxidants from the tea extracts and added sugars. It doesn’t provide the same health benefits as consuming unsweetened tea or herbal infusions. However, drinking Peace tea in moderation can be part of a balanced lifestyle.
How to make peace tea at home


Peace Tea is made with a unique blend of natural tea ingredients. The ingredients give it a natural sweet taste. Unlike many caffeinated beverages, it doesn’t have artificial flavors or preservatives. It is a healthier option that won’t increase your weight but help you shed some pounds.

In addition to significantly less caffeine content, Peace Tea also provides antioxidants and amino acids, which help boost the immune system, reduce stress, and boost energy levels.

Overall, the refreshing and flavorful peace Tea is an excellent alternative to sugary and caffeinated drinks.

Which peach flavor do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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