Does Chai Tea Have Caffeine

A warm and energizing cup of steaming chai tea in the morning is thoroughly satisfying and sets your mood for the day. There are various types of tea, from white teas to green teas, Japanese teas to Indian teas, and caffeinated to decaf teas. While sipping a cozy cup of your favorite tea, you might ask yourself: does chai tea have caffeine?

Let’s learn if chai tea has caffeine and more about chai tea, its history, comparative analysis of caffeine levels in different teas, how to pick the best chai tea, benefits, and more.

Does Chai Tea Have Caffeine

What is Chai Tea?

Chai tea is a tempting beverage that combines black tea, milk, and spices. It is also called masala chai tea which originated in India. Chai tea is a comforting and flavorful drink.

Traditionally, chai tea is made by simmering black tea leaves with water, milk, spices, and sweeteners, mainly sugar. The spices used in chai tea include cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and black peppercorns. The type of chai tea ingredients and proportion may vary depending on personal taste and need. These healthy chai tea spices have been used as home remedies for ages.

The preparation method of chai tea also varies. Some people brew the tea and spices directly in water, while others simmer the spices and tea in a mixture of milk and water. Sugar and honey are used as sweeteners, and they also enhance the flavor. These sweeteners are added as per the need and tastes of an individual.

Chai tea is enjoyed by all, rich or poor, ladies or gents, and it is known for its rich, spicy, and creamy taste. In the last decade, chai tea has grown in popularity worldwide. Chai tea bags are also widely available and preferred by chai tea drinkers. You can use a chai tea bag 2-3 times.

Does Chai Tea Have Caffeine

The History of Chai Tea

British people introduced tea in India during the colonial period in the 17th century. Drinking tea became popular in India in the late 19th and early 20th centuries when British colonists began growing tea in India. The British colonist grew tea in India, and masala chai tea developed into a popular local drink using traditional Indian spices.

Traditionally chai uses black tea; however, you can find various teas with the same name. Most of these teas combine spices and flavors with other types of tea, such as:

Does Chai Tea have Caffeine?

The answer is yes; chai tea contains caffeine, like most black teas. It has about half the levels compared to a cup of coffee, and caffeine levels vary from blend to blend.

Chai tea contains several ingredients and has a moderate amount of caffeine. It blends black tea with various spices, such as ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. Black tea contains caffeine, but the herbs and spices are caffeine-free.

Several factors influence the caffeine content in tea chai; they include:

Leaf Size

Broke leaves of black tea are used to make chai tea. These leaves are high in caffeine.

Tea Varietal

Chai blends from India from the camellia sinensis var. assamica varietal. They have an Indian black tea base and are slightly higher in caffeine.

Water temperature 

Like black tea, chai is prepared in boiling water. The amount of caffeine depends on the temperature of the water. More caffeine is released if the temperature is high.

Steep time

Shorter steep times of about 4-5 minutes result in a lower caffeine level in the brewed cup of tea.

The ratio of tea to other ingredients

Chai is a flavored tea with black tea blended with herbal spices. Caffeine levels will also be low if the ratio of tea leaves to other ingredients is low.

Does Chai Tea Have Caffeine

How Much Caffeine in Chai Tea?

You must have got an answer to your query, “Does chai tea have caffeine’. Now must be wondering how much caffeine in chai tea is there.

As discussed, the amount of caffeine in a cup of chai tea depends on various factors. People who prefer drinking tea with moderate to high levels of well-steeped caffeine can pick chai tea.

The level of caffeine content is an essential factor if you’re looking for a little boost in the morning or want to clear off the caffeine levels from the body. Usually, all traditional teas have caffeine. So your cup of tea, whether prepared with green, black, or oolong tea base, will contain caffeine with varying levels of caffeine. The factors responsible for the different levels of caffeine have been discussed above.

It has been found that caffeine is released in tea within the first 2-3 minutes of steeping. Therefore if there is any change in the steeping duration or variance in the quality of the tea, caffeine levels can vary significantly.

Depending on the type of tea leaves used and the preparation method, the caffeine levels in an 8-ounce cup of chai tea can be stated as below:

a)    Rooibos Chai 

Rooibos tea is an excellent option for a caffeine-free cup of hot tea while pregnant or before bed. The herbal rooibos chai is caffeine-free.

b)    Traditional Black Chai 

The standard serving of this tea can contain around 50 to 100 milligrams. This makes it an excellent morning tea option, helping boost the energy to start your day on a high note. 

c)    Green Chai

The caffeine content in green chai is comparatively less than in black tea. It has between 30–50 milligrams of caffeine in a standard cup. It makes green chai the perfect choice to enjoy a hot cup of mild tea in the morning and afternoon. 

d)    Chai Latte 

The caffeine content in each type of chai latte varies due to their preparation method. It allows you to customize your cup of chai latte regarding caffeine intake as per your preference. You can choose from a wide range of tasty and unique chai latte kits and prepare yourself to relish your cup of chai latte. 

e)    Chai Concentrate

It is very easy to make lattes with chai concentrate. You have to pour the concentrate, stir and enjoy your cup of latte. It has caffeine between 30-35 milligrams. 

f)     Chai Powder

Lattes prepared using chai powders have caffeine in the range of 25–55 milligrams. 

g)    Steeped Chai Tea

Some creamy and frothy chai lattes contain steeped black tea and milk, creating a creamy, foamy, which makes a spicy beverage. The caffeine level content in steeped chai is the same as a regular cup; the only difference is the quantity of milk. 

h)    Chai Syrup

Chai lattes made exclusively with syrup are often without caffeine. They are flavored teas resembling earthy and spicy steeped teas.

Overall, the variance in the caffeine levels allows you to pick the tea that matches your preference as per time and schedule.

Does Chai Tea Have Caffeine

Benefits of Chai Tea

Chai tea, also known as masala chai, is made by brewing black tea with a mixture of flavorful spices and herbs. It offers several benefits, including:

However, the individual experiences and reactions may vary. The potential benefits of chai tea may differ for each person.

What is Chai Tea Latte?

A flavorful chai tea latte is a variation of chai tea. It combines the spices and herbs of chai tea and steamed milk making it similar to a latte.

Chai tea latte is a comforting drink with rich black tea notes. The warmth of spices and the smoothness of milk provides a delightful balance between sweetness and spice. It is a popular choice for tea lovers looking for a cozy beverage.

It is typically made with a concentrate or syrup and can be enjoyed hot or iced. You can customize it with additional flavors, such as vanilla or caramel.

Does Chai Tea Have Caffeine

Caffeine Levels in Chai Tea vs. Other Teas

You may often wonder how strong is your morning cup of chai as compared to other kinds of tea. The caffeine levels of chai tea made with black chai masala tea and other teas are as follows:

Chai vs. Oolong Tea

Typically, oolong tea contains approximately 37-55 milligrams of caffeine per serving, roughly half the amount found in black tea.

Chai vs. Green Tea

Like oolong tea, green tea has about 35–45 milligrams of caffeine. If you want a strong cup of tea in the morning for an energy boost, you can sip a black chai with 50–100 milligrams of caffeine.

Chai vs. White Tea

White tea is harvested early and processed less. Therefore, white tea is fresh and exposed to less oxygen than tea types. Thus it has a delicate flavor profile and lower level of caffeine. The caffeine level ranges between 15–30 milligrams in a cup. White tea might be a tasty and excellent option for those looking for a mild caffeinated cup of tea.

Chai vs. Herbal Tea

Like rooibos tea, herbal teas also do not have caffeine.

Black chai is the one with the highest level of caffeine content. If you want to start your day with a strong beverage or get a refreshing energy boost, you can opt for a hot cup of black chai.

How Does Chai Tea Compare to Coffee?

Tea and coffee are the two most preferred beverages. Most tea has some level of caffeine and making them an ideal morning drink with coffee. However, the two differ significantly in their caffeine content levels. A cup of black chai tea contains about 60 milligrams of caffeine, while the same coffee has 120 milligrams.

Tea has the advantage of providing you with more of a steady energy boost than coffee. Coffee kicks spikes faster and drops quicker, resulting in jitters and crashes. However, these side effects are less pronounced with teas due to low caffeine levels and slow absorption rates.

Parting Thought

Chai tea is an aromatic blend of spices, rich black tea, and creamy milk. It offers a delightful and comforting experience, whether enjoyed as a traditional beverage or in latte form. A moderate level of caffeine answers the question: “Does chai tea have caffeine.”


Is chai tea keto friendly?

The method of preparing chai decides if it is keto-friendly. Traditional chai tea is generally keto-friendly, made with black tea, spices, and unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk. However, if store-bought sweeteners or high-carb ingredients are added, they may change the nature of the tea.

Is chai tea good for you?

The spices used in chai tea; like cinnamon and ginger, have potential benefits as they have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, antioxidants in black tea also support heart health. However, specific ingredients and sweeteners determine the chai tea’s overall healthiness.

What does chai tea taste like?     

Chai tea has a rich and aromatic flavor profile. The profile is often described as a combination of bold black tea with a blend of spices used. The taste is usually rich, slightly sweet, with a hint of spiciness.

How much caffeine in chai tea?

Traditional chai tea with black tea contains caffeine, but the exact amount can vary significantly. It can range between 25-50 milligrams per 8-ounce serving. Some chai tea blends may also use decaffeinated black tea or other tea alternatives, which would determine the level of caffeine.

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