Arizona Hard Tea- Ultimate Refreshing Bevvy

Hard Iced tea emerging party craze!

Hard tea is growing within the ready-to-drink market (RTD) of alcoholic beverages, and Arizona Hard Tea from AriZona® Beverages is fast becoming popular. After Twisted Tea was launched by Boston Beer Co. in 200, the market saw a study growth in the hard tea segment.

More players are entering the market, and the competition is getting more challenging, but Arizona Hard Tea is growing and moving to other parts of the world too.

Arizona Hard Tea

What is Hard Tea?

This popular beverage is similar to beer produced from a malt base; however, the processing methods of the two are different. Hard tea is an alcoholic tea that contains malt besides natural flavors and selected tea. In simple words, hard iced tea is spiked with alcohol, and the beverage has been around for some time.

In recent times, iced tea has transformed into ready-to-drink beverages. It is available in various flavors and sold in cans and bottles.

Arizona Hard Tea

Though several iced tea brands are available in the market, Arizona hard tea stands out as it is made with 100% real brewed green tea. It has the benefits of ginseng extract and honey, which add to the flavor. It contains 5% alcohol making the tea a perfect beverage to take the party to the next level.

The refreshing hard tea, fragrant with floral green tea notes, is an excellent addition in summer to quench your thirst.

The three most popular flavors available of Arizona hard tea are:

  1. Arizona Hard Green Tea is made from real brewed green Tea and flavored with Ginseng & honey.
  2. Arizona Hard Lemon Iced Tea has citrus notes and is brewed with black tea and lemon flavor.
  3. Arizona Hard Peach Iced Tea has a sweet aroma and fruity peach notes.
Arizona Hard Tea

Taste of Arizona Hard Tea

Most hard iced tea tends to stick to 5% ABV and is infused with dashes of peach, lemon, or any other fruit essence. Similarly, Arizona hard tea has the same ABV and comes with the citrusy taste of lemonade.

It blends perfectly with iced tea’s refreshing and incredible taste, satisfying your taste buds with a unique and delicious combination.

Calories in Arizona Hard Tea

It is lighter as compared to the average beer. A beer can of 12 oz. has around 150 calories, whereas Arizona hard tea contains about 104 calories. Although hard tea is packed with flavor, Arizona has still managed to keep the calories comparatively much lower.

Moreover, it has 19 grams of sugar in each can, which is considerably lower than other large-scale hard tea brands available in the market.

Overall, this hard tea brand is known for its smooth and easy-drinking taste, perfect for outdoor gatherings and casual get-togethers. The refreshing taste and the low-calorie content also make it a popular choice for those who prefer a lighter alcoholic beverage.

Arizona Hard Tea

Which Food Pairs Well with Arizona Hard Tea? 

It pairs with anything from standard Food to hot wings, burgers, or barbeque. It pairs well with pizzas, fried chicken, and fries. You can also have Arizona hard tea with your favorite pasta, hot sandwich, or Italian dish.

Use any American Pint Glass that can hold 16 oz., which looks classic and complements all dishes. The

Heavy Pint glass handles carbonation and looks elegant.

Final Thoughts

Arizona Beverages is famous for its “Big Can” teas and juices. The family-owned business has grown steadily for the last two decades and has now established itself as a major producer of tea brands. Arizona Hard Tea is a famous brand of the company that combines 100% real brewed green tea with ginseng extract, honey, and 5% ABV to make it a choice for a perfect party.

Doesn’t Arizona Hard Tea add a new dimension to “tea time?”?

Arizona Hard Tea


Does Arizona hard tea have caffeine?

Yes, Arizona Hard Tea typically contains caffeine, which can vary depending on the flavor. It is advisable to check the product label for specific information about the caffeine content.

Does hard tea have alcohol?

Yes, hard tea has alcohol; hard tea refers to tea-based alcoholic beverages. The alcohol content can vary depending on the brand and specific product.

Is Arizona hard tea gluten-free?

Some Arizona Hard Tea flavors may be gluten-free, but others may, depending on the specific taste and formulation. It is best to check the product label for up-to-date information on the gluten content.

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