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Our Team

Kultar Singh Nirala (Founder)

Kultar is a food enthusiast and tea in particular. He has traveled and tried tea and cuisines of more than ten countries and seeks to share the magic of tea and other drinks. From the aromatic masala tea of India to the refreshing Moroccan mint tea, tea captivates his heart. Kultar wants to create a community of tea and drink lovers through his blogs and recipes and invite them to embark on the journey of flavors and experiences.

Tea is more than a drink; it is an emotional connection celebrating the human spirit. With enthusiasm and passion, Kultar introduces tea lovers to diverse flavors, tea types, and intriguing recipes.

The joy of tea lies not only in its taste but in the moments it creates. He invites others to join him on a voyage of discovery, where brewing and savoring a cup of tea becomes a cherished ritual and a means to forge connections..

Nikita Thakur (Head-Content Generation)

Nikita holds a postgraduate degree in two majors: Mass Communication & Journalism and English Literature. She possesses a deep passion for knowledge and a keen eye for compelling storytelling.

With extensive research and analysis expertise, she excels in identifying relevant trends and insights to create engaging and informative content. Armed with exceptional writing skills and a knack for captivating readers, Nikita consistently produces high-quality and well-researched materials and imparts the latest digital marketing skills to the team.

Manik Thakur- (Recipe Developer & Nutritional Guide)

Manik Thakur is a Hotel Management graduate with a specialization in food production. As a Recipe Developer and Nutritional Guide, he is passionate about creating delicious and healthy meals that nourish the body and soul. With over four years of experience in the culinary industry, Manik has honed skills in developing innovative recipes catering to various dietary needs and preferences.